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Dr. Hilda Maldonado, MD

LifExtension Specialist

Dr. Hilda Maldonado, MD has successfully restored physical and emotional balance to clients who had failed with all other approaches. For over twenty years, without drugs, pain or invasive procedures, patients often feel the aging process has been reversed -- experiencing massive energy, focus and vitality for the first time. Dr. Maldonado is revealing her proven holistic approach and solutions to the world -- through her new book, “Holistic LifExtension.”


My Life Journey

Dr. Hilda Maldonado is a practicing medical doctor who has bridged the gap between conventional, alternative and anti-aging medicine. She has helped many attain optimum health through her unique blend of treatment modalities.

She has completed an advanced post-doctorate fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Her practice is located in Westlake Village, CA where she resides with her supportive family.

Besides staying busy with her family, friends, church and practice, Doctor Maldonado is a horse enthusiast. She enjoys going on trail rides and learning horsemanship skills

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You will potentially add 10-15 quality years to your life and restore your physical and emotional balance if you follow my plan .

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These People Have Changed Their Lives

I’ve been gaining 10 lbs. a year with no hope. After 5 years of many diets and doctors, in less than 3 weeks my sugar cravings are gone. I’m not waking p stiff, has aren’t locking up, knees don’t hurt, and blood pressure is down. I feel like I’m younger and happy all the time. It’s effortless and easy to do and i could do it for the rest of my life.”


I first visited with Dr. Maldonado three years ago, around the time of 63rd birthday. My wife’s health had been restored by Dr. Maldonado and with a little encouragement I made my first appointment. I am grateful that I did.

My health was good but not great at this first visit. I was slowing down and worried about gibing up many of the activities I had always enjoyed.

With Dr. Maldonado’s talent as a physician and of course following her direction I now feel more like I am 38 years old again and able to do physically almost everything I want. I ride my road and mountain bicycle a total of about 100-150 miles per week. There rides cover anywhere from 10-75 miles in distance and 1,300 to 5,500 feel of climbing. It is a joy to usually never get caught or passed by other riders and certainly to pass many others.

At age 66 I recently retired from busy sixty-hour work weeks in the Corporate Legal world. Having a little extra time each day I have now or will soon return to other things of interest such as physically demanding water sports, hiking, fly-fishing and cross country skiing. Every day I start with a vigorous exercise routine witch includes, among many other things, 30-35 push-ups. I don’t think I could have done 30-35 push-ups when I was 20 years old. Retirement without the ability to do much of the stuff you worked so hard to get to do would be disappointing. It is important to have Dr. Maldonado guiding the process and suggesting proactive positive changes as time goes on.

I am thankful that Dr. Maldonado has provided the tools for my health and overall well being.

R.H., Retired Attorney

The real life testiomonials provided do not necessarily indicate or represent the specific results that you will manifest if you implemented Dr. Hilda Maldonado's programs, processes, corrections or advice, in addition they are NOT intended to cure or treat disease. Each and every person is capable of generating a very different outcome based on many factors including, but not limited to, your own dedication and desire to transform during the entire process.

Dr. Hilda Maldonado M.D.

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